Friday, April 08, 2011

Rights Of Spring, 1987

Well, It's been a long time. With spring here I thought is was a good time to look back at a spring day 24 years ago and see what was happening at Disneyland. Well, here we are at the end of main street waiting for the rope to drop. It's Circus Fantasy at Disneyland this spring. Behind that truck delivering ice cream to Carnation Plaza Gardens, is the WHEEL OF DOOM.
Above Main Street is the high acrobatics.
There seems to be a show going on at Plaza Gardens. It's called Clown Alley, we'll skip it as I don't like clowns. They'll eat me when I sleep.
Looks like some work over here in Bear Country. I bet they are just replacing the trees, yeah, that's it.
Looks like they are putting in a new entrance to Pirates. Boy this will sure ease the traffic in New Orleans Square.
Look at this new stair to Walt's Apartment, I wonder if we will ever get to go up in there. Being a cool day here at Disneyland, I want a sweater from Pendelton Woolen Mills. Pendelton has been a vendor here since opening day. I love all the shops here as they all carry unique merchandise appropriate to the land.

A busy day here in Fantasyland, Let's catch the Skyway To Tomorrowland.
I just had a hankerin' to play some video games. I love the second level of the Starcade.
And looking out the windows to Space Mountain.