Thursday, February 21, 2008

July 17th, 1990 Party Gras!!!!!

It's Disneyland's 35th anniversery celebration, And this is PARTY GRAS........
Welcome to the celebration, it's a jublilation, it's party gras...... People in the streets are dancin', no time for romancin', its party gras.......

Now we're 35 and counting....

Excitement mounting, come on along....... No one can resist the magic and the mystic music of the party gras!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A visit to Frontierland circa 1980's

Hey there, everyone!!!!! I just got home from Las Vegas and the Sin Sity Sisters' Red Dress party. It was a blast!!!! Just gotta say though, are they always working on the sewars? Eww!

First up for today it the Davy Crocket Pioneer Mercantile. This was before Davy got evicted.
Oooo, Pendleton Woolen Mills. And look at the Golden Horseshoe Revue sign! This pic was another taken on July 17th, 1985.

More Pendleton. This is a year or two later as the Golden Horseshoe sign is a little different.

This shot shows the stage that was at the head of Tom Saywer Island before the changes for Fantasmic.

More of the same without the June Gloom.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tomorrowland Goodness

O is for Orange. Here is a pic from the second floor of the Starcade looking at the que for Space Mountain.

This is looking from America Sings to SM. Here is a partial shot of the Gantry lift in its original red and white colors (for you, Vintage Disneyland Ticket)

Ahhhh, time to get off the Peoplemover.
"Please stand clear of the vehicle doors, they will open automaticly. Kindly gather your belongings and step clear of the vehicle onto the dark area of the moving platform.............."

This pic harkens (Ha, know one uses "harkens" anymore) to my first post. Taken in July 1990, the Rocket Jets were removed for inspection after the accident with Dumbo the year before. I think I prefer nothing up there than the rusting hulk thats there now.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mucho May 1997

Todays pics are brought to you by the letter O!!! as in oh my god, what are they doing! We are still in 1997, the day of the 1997 Annual Passholder party. First up we have the entrance to Tomorrowland. What, I can't go this way? I'll have to go around.
Here is a peak behind that construction wall. It's a Great Big Pile of Nothing!!!!! The planters that graced the entrance to Tomorrowland had just been removed for construction of the Astro Orbiter. Weeeeeeee!!!!!

Now we're in Tomorrowland at constuction on the old PeopleMover platform. Here is where they are geting ready to remove the Gantry Elevators to the Rocket Jets. As you can see by this time, the old Rocket Jets have been turned into the Communitron. During this phase of contruction, the waklways were constricted tighter than Rosie O'Donnald's corset.

Here is a closer shot of the Gantry Lift.......

This shot is looking down at the old Mission To Mars building. At this time it was used for parking of dumpsters. In the forground you can see the Speedramp entrance to Space Mountain.

Finally today, we have this picture. I couldn't tell what it was to start with. Then it dawned on me, It's the begining constuction of the Mickey and Friends Parking structure. This is from the Monorail Platform....
Thats all for today!!!!!