Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Oddys

Here are some odds and ends for you today. First up is a pic of America Sings. In this pic you can see the railing very well that my colleague over at Disneyland Nomenclature Blog has a wonderful close up of.
Next, we have the 1967 Tomorrowland dedication plaque that was in the planter at the entrance to the land. It was removed in 1994 for some unknown reason.

And for those ticket junkies, you know who you are (Vintage Disneyland Ticket Blog guy :D ), here is one of mine from April 1988. A three day pass for $41.50? Count me in!!!!!!!!


Progressland said...

Nice to see so much of the old railing!

Bearride, I'm working on a post and want to use a couple photos you've posted. Can you contact me (e-mail in my profile) and let me know if this is OK? I don't see another way to contact you!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I love that old railing!

Also, I love that ticket! The 3 day pass is pretty rare, you big spender! I bet those were a great 3 days in 1988! Thanks for sharing...