Thursday, October 25, 2007

Exit Please

Here is some trivia for all of you. In 1983 when Fantasyland was being redone, Not everything went according to plan. At the Village Haus there is an example of this. When the construction team were instaling the exit sign (required by code) they instaled it in the wrong place, to the right of center. When Tony Baxter (Fantasyland Head Imagineer) saw this, he wanted the sign centered over the opening. Well, it was more work than it was worth. So Tony turned this boo boo into a positive. He ordered a painting of Figaro, the cat from Pinocchio, to be painted on the wall. Figaro is trying, with all his might to drag the sign over to center.
Flash forward nine years and half a world away. When Disneyland Paris was being designed and built, the imagineers reused designs from the other theme parks. You can see this on Main Street and, you guessed it, Fantasyland. While the design isn't an exact carbon copy, the Village Haus is there in all it's glory. This time though, Figaro made it. The exit sign is centered above the door. Just some fun trivia!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Random Shots

Here are some more random pics. First I like to say thank you for your nice comments that you send.
First up, Mission to Mars building. This is just after it closed and it was being used as a Magic Kingdom Club hostility center, uh.... Hospotality center. Here is the falls at the entrance to Adventureland. In this shot it was brand new, I believe 1992.

The Rocket Jets from Mission To Mars.