Sunday, July 06, 2008

Oooo, Adventureland!

Here are some pics of Adventureland from the late 80's. First up is the bridge into Adventureland. Look at all that asphalt!
Here is the Adventureland bathrooms before the waterfall.

And finally for today we have the Safari Outpost and Sunkist, I Presume!


Katella Gate said...

I really love random shots like these... but I have to wonder exactly WHAT the photographer was trying to capture.

The first pic is interesting... You can tell Mr and Mrs Red Shirts are together ... but what year were these taken? Mr. Red Shirt is definitely vintage 1975, but it's hard to tell if the photo is of the same date, or he just held on to the style a few years too long.

The red and green kick boards over the bridge are also interesting. They were clearly to match the old red and green poles that held up the south end of the "ADVENTURELAND" sign, but they were removed when the Tiki Room went in.

Also the skulls on the poles have replaced earlier versions that were far more gruesome.

Bearride - Raymond said...

LOL!!!! I can tell you exactly what I was thinking when I took these shots.
A Long time ago.... er, In high school I realy wanted to be an model maker. And as most artist that are Disney-nuts do, I used the park for inspiration. At one time I was going to build a model of Disneyland (OMG it would have been huge as I did build Tomorrowland). SO, in the late 80's, I took a lotta pics of wierd thing from the park. So now you have how I have some wierd pics of different areas of the park.
Going back to the slides that were scaned, these pics are from 1987 (the first and third pics) and 1988 (The Second).
So there you have the wierd truth!

Thanks for visiting!


Katella Gate said...

LOL, well now I know what was in the mind of the photographer.

Funny you mention the scale model of Disneyland... with moving parts of course. I saw Walt stand in front of one on a TV show and fell in love with the idea.

Even as late as 3 years ago, I did a sketch of a Park model based on Google Earth dimensions (my first accurate data set for the park)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a workable scale. Either the model was too large to put in one room, or the detail was so small it would never be seen from the edge.

BTW, what kind of construction are you in? How's biz in AZ?

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great pics Raymond. Keep it up man. You add another great point of view to all who post Disneyland.

Mike said...


Thanks for the pictures! These were taken close to the time I worked in the park. I am a fellow nut about Disneyland. I would have made the model of Disneyland in my basement, too, if I had a basement or the ability to craft a model. Instead, I chose to dream of someday building such a model. You, my friend, actually went for it! Congratulations! If you have more 1980s photographs from the Park, please, please post them!


walterworld said...

Glad to see a picture of "Sunkist I Presume". I used to love going there for my fresh-squeezed OJ fix...

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